August 31, 2015

A few of our favourite foodie Instagrams of the moment!

We may not want to admit it but we all get a little “foodspiration” from Instagram nowadays. So we’ve compiled our favourite ‘that looks amazing’, ‘I need to eat that’, ‘Oh em gee’ accounts to follow!


SecretSquirrelFood – Possibly one of the brightest Instagram accounts that is always welcome on my newsfeed. Secret Squirrel Food, not only reviews eateries around the world but also shares plenty of healthy recipes that will leave you dreaming of your packed lunch tomorrow and your possible Instagram post. And if that doesn’t get you feeling a little peckish then how about…


Hk_alkhalifa – Never a boring post on Hessa’s Instagram. Filled with action shots from her reviews, every image is almost like an invitation saying ‘EAT ME’. Expect content that will leave you drooling, from syrup poured over lush pancakes to grilling meats on an open flame, Hessa will leave you craving something any time of day.

toh popcorn

Lavinaezrani – Stunning shots from her culinary visits,  Lavina has an eye with her camera and is not afraid to go into detail. With alluring photo and video content, not to mention the amount of chocolate related posts, Lavina is just what I want to see on Instagram during that afternoon chocolate indulgence.


TalaSoubra – What I love so much about Tala’s Instagram is the consistency and composition of each post, but in the same way how she is able to make each and every image so different. Every dish looks perfect and almost makes you feel like ‘this is my view’ so clearly leaves you ready to tuck in!


Leanlivinggirl – A healthy option for those in need of some foodspiration, Carly does a beautiful job in making us all want to convert into packed-luck making, smoothie-loving, beach babes! A wonderful mix of recipes, restaurant reviews and holiday dishes leave us hungry and wanting to be in Mallorca somewhere with a mezze of deliciousness.


Who have we missed? Tell us who are your favourite foodie Instagrammers of the moment!

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