October 23, 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness with Ahlan!

Team TOH were thrilled to be invited by the Ahlan! team to Bounce for breast cancer awareness. We dressed in our most attention-grabbing pink attire (which for some team members is an everyday occurrence!) and headed straight for the trampolines for some free-style jumping.

While some of us stuck to the basic moves while obnoxiously singing copious amounts of Sir Mix-A-Lot and Van Halen’s jump-based tunes (and by some of us I clearly mean me…), our amazing Amy and Ed were showing the crowd how it’s done, flipping and tumbling the night away.

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We’re a competitive bunch, so naturally our next stop was dodgeball. Our team members lasted right to the end of the game, but sadly we met our match in the Ahlan! Editorial team. After ample time spent shooting hoops and diving into airbags, we headed over to re-hydrate with one of the evening’s generous sponsors, VOSS Arabia, and anxiously awaited to see if our most outrageously dressed team member won the extremely generous first-place prize of a trip to the Maldives

ahlan best dresssed breast cancer awareness consumer pr agency

It is important to remember what a great cause the Ahlan! team were supporting and we were so happy we could play a part in the AED 20,000 raised that will go towards breast cancer research.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UAE, with the Dubai Health Authority recently stating that the number of cases detected has increased 20% since 2009. Eye-opening figures like that really drive home how important it is to open our eyes and contribute whenever possible, not only in the month of October, but throughout the year.

Bounce ahlan breast cancer awareness consumer PR agency

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