May 27, 2013

Keep Calm And Buy More Shoes…A Day with Alberto Guardiani

Sunday 27 May - Alberto GuardiniQatar is a new fashion hub that has recently hit TOH PR’s radar since acquiring the super fabulous account ‘ Salam Stores’, Doha’s first and best luxury shopping destination.  Qatar is just a short plane hop away from Dubai but has its own fashion whirl – recently we’ve been lucky enough to work with some wonderful, world class fashion talent!

Just last week we hosted uber British designer Alice Temperley.  The team was extremely excited to meet her (especially those of us from London) and it was a treat to meet her and chat about such things as the delights of wrapping up for the cold weather and favourite shopping facades, (mine being Notting Hill).

More recently, as in yesterday, Salam welcomed shoe mastermind Alberto Guardiani to Qatar for the re-launch of his store – the store opened last year but this was the OFFICIAL launch or so I am told. Alberto is the man behind the ‘lipstick shoe’ – one I have admired on Katie Perry and the like, but never quite had the courage to wear, for some reason I just have a vision of it snapping like my lipsticks normally do!

The afternoon consisted of back to back media interviews, hoping they were ACTUALLY going to show up. Then ended with a light hearted signing ceremony where Mr Pierre Khoury, Managing Director of Salam Stores chatted to Alberto who proceeded to sign the treasured piece of paper that had been placed so carefully two hours prior to the event.

As the event ended, I came to realise that myself and Alberto were on the same flight back to Dubai – he gave me some wonderful advice on shoes to wear, not just his own and even commented on my Ray Ban sunglasses being ‘ retro’!

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