January 22, 2015

Lunch with Paul Frangie

Ask any PR professional working on a communication plan for their client in the New Year, and you will know that there is an increased focus on influencer engagement. Influencers are to 2015 what social media was to 2010. As brands begin to acknowledge influencers and their immense potential, their communication agencies are expected to optimize this, without exceeding budgets.

Expectedly, working with influencers is nothing close to being a walk in the park, and often enough, both brands and their PR consultants may find it difficult to achieve the most out of this. On January 8, Paul Frangie, a well-known influencer, model and the host of This Dude Knows Food, was kind enough to lunch with the TOH PR team to discuss the intricacies of influencer engagement.

Over thin crusted pizzas and salads, Paul engaged in an animated discussion with the team, sharing his experiences, answering questions and dispelling some common misconceptions about influencers. Researching influencers, building and sustaining relationships with them and using a targeted approach were just some of the key takeaways from this session.

It was evident that Paul didn’t just know his food, but a lot about marketing and communication too. Influencer engagement is likely to be the marketing buzzword of the year, and lunch with Paul was a great start to ensuring that our communication strategies for the year make the best use of this powerful medium.

A big thank you to Paul from the TOH PR team for a lovely and insightful session. We hope you enjoyed the lunch as much as we did.

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