Murtaza Khurshid

Born and raised in Abu Dhabi originating from a Pakistani background, Murtaza embraced at an early age the expat life filled with multi-culturalism. His passion to seek new cultures took him to Kuala Lumpur where he studied Mass Communications with a focus on Public Relations. Eager to learn more about his roots, he chose to start off his career in Pakistan with the largest Below the Line Marketing agency working with global brands in FMCG, Automobile, Telecommunications & Tobacco. The dynamic and challenging market allowed him to fine tune his skills in in developing consumer engagement activities to scale. Soon after, He spent two years in Kazakhstan working on brand development in the Education sector building partnerships and his network in the CIS region. Returning to Dubai in 2012, his core skills of communication strategies gravitated towards the emerging digital media landscape. Since joining TOH’s digital team as a strategist, Murtaza is responsible for delivering creative content for brands for digital channels, employing best practices for their owned platforms and the merge of PR objectives to fit into a wider communications ecosystem. When not working, his time is spent skateboarding,





Favourite Film

Lawrence of Arabia

Strength/Special Focus