April 4, 2013

Office Life: Ten Reasons We Heart the UAE

The majority of the team at TOH Towers have worked in other countries before re-locating to sunny Dubai, so we like to think we offer a bit of perspective when it comes to living and working in the UAE.

Why do we love it here? A quick straw poll in the office resulted in our top ten list.

In no particular order:

  1. Seeing the sun set against the Burj Khalifa from our offices
  2. Lack of public transport – days of struggling on the tube are a distant memory
  3. The weather – see previous point but without wet cold feet
  4. Delivery – whether lunchtime sushi, 4pm diet cokes or weekly dry cleaning, everything comes right to your desk
  5. Events – where we’re working at them or attending for fun, a girl never stays in and
    does laundry of a week night
  6. Office fashion. With the world’s shopping capital on our doorstep and no rain or
    cobble streets to navigate, we can work our fiercest looks day in day out
  7. Nationality mix – we love working with girls and clients from diverse backgrounds – it
    makes water cooler chat so much livelier
  8. Cool weekend breaks. Fly Dubai is our friend as we city hop and discover Beirut, Sri
    Lanka, Oman, Qatar and Jordan
  9. National holidays. We all need a break to refresh and recharge, and the UAE’s two
    Eids a number of national days work in our favour!
  10. Tax free salaries – that’s got to count for something!

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