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Tschuggen Hotels GroupThe Tschuggen Hotel Group is a privately owned collection of luxury hotels, located in Switzerland’s most alluring holiday destinations, namely The Carlton (St Moritz), The Hotel Eden Roc (Ascona), The Tschuggen Grand Hotel and the Sporthotel Valsana (Arosa). The Group is internationally positioned as an exclusive, top-class hotel group offering a holiday experience without comparison year-round in all four hotels. The team constantly strives to come up with innovations that will pleasantly surprise guests and maintain its leading position among Swiss luxury hotels.

In addition, Tschuggen sets the standard in the wellness & beauty sector with world leading spas that incorporate design and architecture to individualise their experience. TOH Public Relations represents the Tschuggen Hotel Group in the Middle East region, communicating the unique features of the luxury hotel portfolio to a High net worth Arab market.

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