Toh PR


We are a full service strategic and tactical communications agency
and offer a variety of services. Explore how we can help you.

Strategic Planning

The bedrock of our campaigns, we offer intelligent, sustainable strategies that are guided by international practice...

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Media Relations

Our creative flair and experience allows us to draw out stories and event formats that capture the imagination of even the most cynical journalist...

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Strategic Partnerships

Bringing brands together can be extremely effective in building endorsement, credibility and in providing platforms for new press stories....

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Digital Engagement

Social media and digital communications are an increasingly relevant element of public relations. We have a firm grasp on this rapidly evolving...

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Event Management

We work with our clients to deliver events on time and within budget. At the heart of our events is a passion to generate memorable occasions....

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Crisis Management

Driven and committed, we're on hand in good times and bad. Limiting damage to your brand through unforeseen circumstances is part of our planning...

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Design & Branding

In a crowded market place, a clear voice is essential. You only get one chance to launch and it must be right. We work with you to offer intelligent...

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Production Services

We work with leading production companies and champion creative voices to help our clients deliver powerful content...

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