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Digital Engagement

Social media and digital communications are an increasingly relevant element of public relations. We have a firm grasp on this rapidly evolving sector.

#tohdigital a new way of engaging with the world.

We can work with you to reach a highly targeted regional audience. We understand the importance of a strong digital strategy and work to deliver social media strategy, search engine marketing and optimization, as well as website development.

Digital engagement means engaging the consumer via any one of the ever-evolving digital channels. The proliferation of such channels means the consumer has more and more control over which brands they interact with, they also have the ability to communicate their experiences and feeling globally.

It’s not all bad news for brands, as this shift means they can monitor what consumers are saying about them and about their competitors.  It means real time response can be provided and we work with our partners to provide a digital strategy that fits neatly within existing marketing and communications strategies.

Key elements of our digital engagement include:

  1. Consumer Analysis – who are they, what motivates them and how do they behave? We seek to understand what motivates your consumer and we focus our strategy and creating content that appeals.
  2. Location Analysis – where are your consumers, are they active or inactive, do they observe or participate. We seek to ensure you are visible and provide a platform for interaction, engaging with them on a level at which they are familiar and comfortable.
  3. Influence Factor – what influence do your consumers have over others? What sentiment do they carry, is it positive, negative or neutral and do they carry any authority. We prioritise your consumers and seek to offer status and recognition for key influencers.
  4. Brand Association – are you consumers inquisitive, are they loyal followers or are they on the verge of committing to your brand but need a push? We help to encourage dialogue, reward loyalty and reduce brand opponents.

We seek to maximize your campaign through use of offline marketing and communications to drive online interaction.

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