June 2, 2013


954716_10151967094344358_1296055361_n 970998_10151967088539358_113976906_nFashionsitas in the UAE tend to feel that they’re missing that ‘ hip’ hangout which enables the talent and the stylish to get together to chat over latest collections, designer moves and fashion week.  All that is set to change with the opening of Studio f, the nightlounge concept from Fashion TV.  The first of its kind in the world, Studio f a fashion bar/lounge/club/restaurant concept located in Emirates Towers, equipped with a full length runway and over eight high definition screen beaming the latest shows from around the world – pretty cool!

On the opening night, the elite gathered to what would seem like a ‘what is she wearing?’ ceremony.  The crowd mixed and chatted waiting for Furne Amato’s first fashion show to begin – the centrepiece of the evening. Furne Amato is a UAE born designer who has dressed many celebrities worldwide including Shakira, Katie Perry to name but a few. The show represented a kind of dark fairytale and quite frankly blew guests away. Furne was the first to take the catwalk but as the club is now fully functional there will be two catwalk shows each night, one at 9.30pm and one at midnight.
As the evening progressed guests continued to sip on skinny cocktails and dance to trendy house beats mixed by the clubs resident DJ. I wonder who the designer to hit the catwalk next week will be? I can’t wait!

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