February 2, 2015


Anyone who has ventured to the desert chasing the dream of expat living will soon have realised that the luxury lifestyle; featuring tax free salaries, sunny days, the biggest and best malls, hotels, the selection of restaurants and nightlife venues can take a toll on our bodies and fitness.

In the land of fast cars, cheap taxi’s and almost every delectable delight you could wish for delivered to the door step, the dreaded ‘Dubai Stone’ has been known to creep up on unsuspecting victims enjoying the land of convenient living.

Amongst a sea of brunches, boat parties and evenings in our favourite jaunts we explore team TOH’s equally if not more fun local weekend activities. Shake off those love handles and keep fitness goals in check whilst embracing the sea, sand and sunshine in true Dubai style…


Wakeboarding – Whether it’s chilling on the boat, giving it a go or getting air off the wake, boarding makes for a great morning with our friends. Our favourite, Xtreme Wake can be booked from Dubai Marina or Gantoot by the hour… watch out for Sheikh Mo’s boat!

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Horse Ridding – Giddy up let’s go! Ride through the desert with friends at sunset or embrace early mornings for the best for temperatures and spectacular views. Al Jihad Stables by Bab Al Shams are recommended for all levels as well as the Dubai Polo Club for more advanced desert hacks.


 Running – Increasing running areas and tracks are popping up all around Dubai, including the likes of Safa Park, Jumeirah Beach and Dubai Marina. Form run clubs amongst friends to kick those hazy mornings or join organised runs, for example the Nike Run Club, great for meeting new people; training for the array of runs and sporting events now on offer in the UAE has never been easier. Why not, grab friends and sign up for our favourite Wadhi Bi team event pictured above!


 Surfing – On occasional mornings the shores of Dubai get surf that provides a great opportunity for those looking to learn and catch some waves, keep an eye on @Surfhouse instagram for regular updates. Alternatively, in true UAE fashion Al Ain has the world’s best fake wave ideal for all surfing levels to have a great day out. A wave every 90seconds can be manually turned up and down in height for lessons or the pro’s to rip it up…

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 7.23.43 PM 

Paddle Boarding – For chilled out mornings on the water – with a little bit of exercise sneaking in before you’ve even noticed! Head to Sunset or Kite Beach, hire a board and paddle out taking in epic views of the Burj Al Arab, a pretty awesome start to the day.


Dune Bashing – Not for the faint hearted! Head into the desert for this adrenaline filled activity. Whether it’s with friends willing to repair cars on the return to civilisation, or hiring desert buggy’s/quad bikes for a thrilling ride, dune bashing is a must for those keen to explore our surroundings. N.B. watch out for the camels!

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