July 16, 2014

The Summer Suitcase series: Toronto

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Our wonderful Bianca lets us in on her travel style tips whilst taking us on a tour of Toronto’s hot spots and happening places.

1.     A 14-hour flight can’t be easy. What are your long-haul flight survival tips and must haves?

I know that when I get bored I get stir crazy, so I always make sure to bring enough things to keep me entertained. A few good books and my sketchpad are what I always make sure to have in my carry-on. 14 hours completely disconnected from my phone and emails is a rarity, so I like to make the most of it and tap into my creative side. Though I prefer to paint on a larger scale, I find sketching incredibly therapeutic. This, combined with reading, allows me to really wind down and enjoy the quiet time.

2.     Do you have any travel rituals? What is something you just can’t miss out when in Toronto?

Two things that will eternally be on my Toronto to-do list are walking through Kensington Market, followed by lunch in the Distillery District.

Kensington Market is defiantly independent and progressive, with new street festivals and coffee shops popping up every week. The Distillery District, on the other hand, boasts the best-preserved collection of Victorian industrial architecture on the continent. Everything from the area’s history and heritage to the social scene at night is something I miss every time I leave, so I highly recommend it to anyone passing through the city.

3.     Are you a light packer? What is your trick?

I despise disorganisation, so I plan my suitcase in lists before even pulling things out of the closet. My tip: only pack tried-and-tested items.

We all know what we feel comfortable wearing and what we need in our daily rituals. I make sure that my suitcase is packed half-full of things I know I love wearing. To avoid getting caught unprepared I always make sure to have at least one outfit for spontaneous excursions, whether that be drinks on the roof of The Thompson or a trip portaging through Algonquin Provincial Park, I always like to be prepared. The other half of my suitcase tends to be filled with gifts for family and friends or padded to take up the room that will soon be filled with the results of my inevitable shopping trips in Downtown Toronto and New York City.

4.     What beauty products do you always travel with?

Ah, my weakness… Eyeliner, mascara and a good bright lipstick are three things a woman should never be without. Needless to say, I always pack much, much more than this, but winged eyeliner can take you anywhere.

5.     How do you dress from day to night?

If there is one thing I love about being on vacation, it is being able to delight in the luxury of spare time. I will always plan ahead and give myself enough time in between shopping and lunch with a friend and dinner and drinks downtown to head back to my room to change and freshen up. For day I always keep it casual, whereas at night I experiment with statement accessories, bold lip colours and unbearably bright patterns (though not all at once, of course!)

6.     Lastly, where are your favourite places to hang out in Toronto?

A bit of a drive from the city, Niagara Falls makes my heart skip a beat every time I see it. It is, after all, a certified Wonder of the World, so I imagine this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Within the city, you can find me at Harbourfront with friends, either enjoying some ice cream with a view of one of the world’s Great Lakes or lost in one of the summer music festivals.


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