June 17, 2014

The Summer Suitcase series: South of France


Ahead of trips abroad this summer, our stylish founder Sophie shares her packing secrets to her favourite holiday destination, the South of France!

1. What is your most prized possession whilst travelling?

I use a mushroom Celine Boston bag for carry on as it’s tough enough to stand the airport security process, large enough to fit everything I need and I still love the design.  A real friend.

2. Do you download music especially for the journey?

I tend to listen to old favourites when I’m at the airport or on the move – I particularly like Bob Dylan who always seems to sum up a sort of vagrant holiday spirit.

3. Are you a light packer? What is your trick?

I travel a lot, and I hate clutter, so I’m pretty streamlined and only take what I know I’ll really need.  I also always like to leave room in my case for if (which I invariably will) I buy something.  My trick is to pull out a lot of possible clothes the day before I leave and then spend the next 24 hours making a mental edit of what I’ll be wearing, and what else I need to add.  I’ll only pack when I’m sure I’ve got it covered.

4. What beauty products do you always travel with? Suncream, After Sun etc

Moisturiser and more moisturiser as hotel samples never quite cut it and sun dries my skin and hair out.  And I love mini fragrance sets so I can try out new perfumes – last year I discovered Pampelune by Guerlain, which is apparently inspired by St Tropez.

5. Your favourite item of clothing to wear in South of France?

I have a pink and black polka dot silk dress from Dolce & Gabbana that isn’t quite demure enough for Dubai, so I save it for my last night of every summer holiday.  It’s gorgeous and I feel amazing in it, with a tan.

6. How do you dress from day to night?

I would always change. Coming back from the pool, showering and then leisurely dressing for cocktails and dinner is all part of the magical holiday ritual where you actually have time.  For day it’s a Heidi Klien bikini and white cotton dress from Isabel Marant whilst for evening I’ll wear my favourite dresses.  All very feminine with a lot of hot pink and orange.

7. Lastly, where is your favourite place to hang out in South of France?

So many places.  I love Le Bacon on Cap D’Antibes, for its food and sublime views, Tetou in Golfe Juan for its gigantic bowls of boulliabaise, Club 55 in St Tropez as it can’t be beaten for alfresco charm and Le Hotel Du Cap on the Cap D’Antibes where we base ourselves from without fail.

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