September 21, 2015

Tips for being “that new girl” in the office

Tips for being the new girl at work

As a newbie at TOH, I felt compelled to write a few helpful tips for anyone joining a new company. No matter how welcoming and kind the employees at your new office are, it’s always stressful joining a completely new environment. The great thing about Dubai is essentially we’re all newbies at some point. Dubai is a melting pot, and this can often be a bonus when joining a new place, as we’re all trying to make Dubai a home away from home. Whether it’s worrying about getting along with colleagues, the new position/responsibilities, here are four helpful tips on how to make it as a newbie.

  1. Be Confident

Yes, an obvious cliché, but clichés are there for reason. Don’t hesitate to go up to new people a work and introduce yourself. Also, don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and ideas, believe in your ability to succeed in your new position. If you’re generally a shy person, then use the other cliché, ‘fake it till you make it’!

  1. Ask Questions

Contrary to what many might think, not knowing things in your new job does not make you incompetent, being afraid to ask questions does. Communication is key to building strong professional relationships, if you don’t understand something, voice it. Your boss and colleagues would rather things are done properly than incorrectly. Plus it shows your interest and that you’re there to learn, not just earn a pay check.

  1. Relax

No one likes a stress ball, (although I’m one to talk!). Try and remind yourself that to keep your cool even if you’re a nervous wreck. People are able to process and understand things more efficiently when they are in a calmer state. So take a chill pill… (Or a cigarette in my case) – whatever works for you!

  1. Make Friends

Identify the likes of the people in your immediate surroundings. Come to work the next day armed with said likes, and they will love you. Conveniently everyone in immediate surrounding loves Chocolate. Relationship status: Friends!

At the end of the day if you work hard, help out your teammates wherever you can and show respect and enthusiasm those around you, your new work colleagues are bound to become your new biggest fans.



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