October 7, 2014

W Retreat & Spa Maldives Collaborates with Tahir Sultan

Consumer PR agency at Fashion Forward 2014

W Retreat & Spa Maldives Collaborates with Renowned Designer – Tahir Sultan, for Fashion Forward Dubai

This year, TOH PR was privileged to support our esteemed client and hospitality giant, The W Retreat & Spa Maldives. The W team collaborated with the highly sought after designer Tahir Sultan to showcase his new and absolutely stunning collection at FFWD – the gate-way to the world of fashion in the UAE.

In addition, Sultan has taken over the challenge of designing and re-defining the uniforms for the resort’s talents (or staff to those uninitiated to W hotel’s unique jargon!).

After a thrilling day of preparing with the team from W Maldives, the backstage was buzzing with energy. The build-up was so enthralling; it was surreal to note that the actual show took only a mere fraction of the time that went into planning for it. Watching from the audience’s eyes was another experience in itself. The word ‘magic’ best describes the aura in the room. The colours, lighting, music and tightly packed hall beautifully enhanced the clothes displayed on the runway.

The full house indicated just how popular Tahir Sultan is as a designer and, judging by the reaction of the crowd, he definitely exceeded expectations. Sultan can relate to the inherent sense of style that he brought with him from his hometown, Kuwait. He claims that “style is all about exposure and education and as the UAE and its citizens expand their horizons one will see the changes come about”.

The collection, named ‘Infinite days and Infinite nights”, featured Island-styled attire for both men and women, and the uniforms will certainly cause a surge of excitement as hotel staff roam around in couture designs. Sultan’s Kuwaiti and Indian heritage was seemingly apparent in his collection through traditional styles for both menswear and womenswear. His flair for the art fashion exuded through his heightened ability to aim for perfection which was carefully included in intricately designed pieces.

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