September 29, 2015

We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday!

This summer, to escape the Dubai heat, many members of Team TOH went away on exciting vacations around the world. Whether it be new adventures or going home to visit friends and family, I  always look forward to hearing about all the interesting places I have never been when colleagues return from their travels armed with stories.

No one vacation is similar to another; so while Khyara went on a thrilling safari in Africa, Laura was getting married in Scotland and Sophie was basking in the European sun in the South of France.

One of the best aspects of working abroad in Dubai is the multiculturalism and accessibility to so many fantastic overseas adventures throughout the year. So as the summer comes to an end, I thought I would look back at all the wonderful places our team has explored in 2015.

I decided to take a different kind of holiday, fitting 10 days’ worth of whatever I could jam into my backpack (in a very organised fashion, I will add…) and jet off to meet friends for a road trip. Living so far from my Canadian home, I met up with two of my #besties, rented a budget car, booked the cheapest hostels we could find, and explored the likes of Austria, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Bianca's Summer

Bianca's Summer

The highlights for me – I can’t really pick. The whole trip was life-changing, full of positive energy and new experiences. Whether it be climbing the waterfalls of Kravice in BiH, or getting stranded at a camp on the Tara River in a Montenegrin National Park and going river rafting – the whole trip was spectacular.

Khyara, Kenya and Zanzibar: “It was the perfect getaway. A combination of sightseeing (of animals) mixed in with under the sea exploring and beach-side chilling.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 12.09.53

Khyara's Giraffes

Razan, Jordan: “My favorite part of my trip to Jordan was visiting the dead sea where we got to float on the water and have a mud scrub!”


Fiona, Greece: “This year I went to Mykonos which is a beautiful island in Greece, I spent every day basking in the sun and enjoying the delicious fresh sea food in my favourite restaurant KiKis.”

Fiona's Summer

Beth, Singapore and Scotland: “I thought we had amazing malls in Dubai… nothing beats a canal ride to the shops in Singapore! Another highlight was definitely the walk down the steps to our river side cottage… #heaven”

Beth's Vacay

Beth's Vacay

Sivale, Egypt: “Its always good to go home to Egypt to see my dad and Bob (aka Robert)”

Ines, Portugal: “My vacations were totally dedicated to my dear family and friends and tried to take as much advantage as possible of the amazing things that Portugal has to offer: the amazing weather, delicious food, gorgeous beaches and all the greenery! Everything I needed to recharge!”

Ines Vacay

Ines Vacay 2

Brooke, Sri Lanka: “There’s nothing quite like waking up to the sound of birds and the ocean in a simple waterfront bungalow, before spending the day reading books and sipping coffee on a shaded day-bed with water lapping at your feet!”

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