Computers Donated to the Families of the Juan Luna Elementary School in Manila

Our merger with the PRCO Group afforded us the opportunity to upgrade our office equipment to a purely mac desktop and laptop environment. Sustainability has always been a core value of TOH, and typically we sent old IT equipment to an e-waste company to dismantle and recycle.

However, we felt the times dictated a more community-minded approach for the agency and were looking for ways to demonstrate this new mind-set of paying back. Happily, a golden opportunity presented itself through our much-valued driver and office manager, Ray and Erin, who highlighted the needs of their old school: the Juan Luna Elementary School in Manila.

The school’s students are currently taking part in remote learning classes from home but are being held back through lack of computer equipment, as their families simply don’t have the funds to buy them for their kids. Education is a prized and precious commodity, but the community is struggling.

Over 20 used PCs and laptops, together with keyboards and cables have been boxed up shipped to Manila, from where they will be distributed to the families most in need.The boxes of computers will take 30 days to arrive by sea and the school has promised updates when they arrive. E-waste or Education – there was only one answer!