Congratulations to Raghad Elassi, one of our talented Senior Account Executives at TOH who has been named as a PR Face to Watch by Campaign Middle East
We are thrilled and very proud to see her recognized!

Jonathan Ivan-Duke, head of corporate, Toh PR explained: “Raghad is an integral part of the team, taking on responsibilities and challenges that benefit our company as well as our clients. There are some particularly strong examples of where she has gone above and beyond her role to really demonstrate her skillset and determination.”

Jonathan added “For Airbnb’s launch in Arabic, she personally took media out to showcase the ‘Experience’ service line of the Airbnb platform. This involved hosting media on tours of Old Dubai, and provided those who attended with a far greater understanding of Airbnb. Another stand-out aspect of Raghad’s professional conduct is her willingness to come up with fresh creative ideas, such as identifying story angles based on complex research reports for Savills.”

“She works seamlessly in both English and Arabic, and above her professional competencies she is a thoroughly kind and helpful team player.”

These moments are a good chance to reflect on how to stand out from the crowd, to be recognized and noticed by your peers, by Management and by the industry. In a highly competitive market such as Dubai and the UAE, many can deliver the core skills we, as agencies, need – secure coverage, consult our clients, keep a client happy. However, we would advocate that to really stand out for success, it’s more than that.

Skills are important but the right attitude is vital. Team spirit, a professional, macro-view on your role and career, and a can-do, passionate approach will help you succeed.

Well done Raghad!