Energising Team TOH to end the week on a high

Increasing productivity in the workplace is a watchword for many business leaders and research shows that corporate wellness and mindfulness initiatives do have a positive impact on employees’ positivity and energy levels as well as productivity – a win win for all.

It’s a really interesting topic and we were keen to introduce this to our corporate culture. Therefore, we invited Avolime to our office this week to kickstart our first wellness initiative.

For 12 minutes, we were on our feet laughing together as we tried to follow our instructor to great beats and allegedly simple steps – we now know the uncoordinated people in the office! Through the music and movement, we moved (almost) as one team transporting us from the concerns of mid-week client pressures to a positive, energized frame of mind to see us through the week.


Feedback confirmed the initial excitement after the session, so we’ve signed up for our weekly dose of team building music and moves that soothe the soul, ignite the mind and make us all smile. Oh and of course….more productive!

Happy faces as the team stretches and steps to the music with our fantastic instructor who boosted our energy and positivity levels