Toro + KO: FIFA World Cup Campaign

Toro + KO Dubai, located in City Walk’s licensed dining destination The Square, is a new, Barcelona inspired tapas restaurant and bar. To raise awareness and increase footfall at the bar during the long, hot summer of 2018, the venue installed Live Sports timed around the World’s largest sporting event – The 2018 FIFA World Cup. Our digital-first, disruptive campaign allowed Toro + KO to stand out in a saturated, and highly aggressive market by creating ‘Klaus’, a unique and highly popular goldfish mascot, who swam into the venue’s social media feed ahead of the World Cup summer, with miraculous results…

The challenge.

With more than 85 Dubai venues including restaurants, bars, hotels and fan zones competing to attract World Cup enthusiasts and fans during the month, the challenges were:

  • Competition: we faced a highly saturated market with many established venues – such as Barasti – engaged in heavy tactical and sales promotions
  • New Kid on the Block: Toro + KO had only been open seven months in June 2018
  • Location: located in City Walk, Dubai – a traditionally heavy Emirati destination, with low visibility over sporting or alcohol driven consumer offers
  • Budget: we had just 1,000 AED budget to play with! 

TOH PR was tasked to adopt a highly creative, viral video approach to ensure stand-out content and awareness. The campaign would have to drive awareness about the upcoming fixture dates to spike footfall and bar sales over specific match timings and ensure that digital engagement supported digital bookings and phone queries.

Outstanding results.

in klaus we trust

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