Media training.

Our in-house team comprises media training experts. We regularly support clients develop their media facing skills, opening up new opportunities for getting their messages to those that matter in a timely, confident and effective manner, whether on camera or on the record.

Journalists need engaging stories to do their job.

Although they may be feared by clients, journalists need engaging stories to do their job. We develop total confidence ahead of media interviews, speeches and crisis management situations, whether the headlines made are wanted or not. We refine messages, negate difficult questions, avoid misquotes and allow the interview to be controlled. We position our clients in this powerful medium positively, succinctly and with impact, so audiences take notice.

Being in the GCC, we know that the Arabic and English-speaking media are different from each other. We can help you approach them correctly and avoid the sweaty-palms, uncomfortable silences and the over sharing of information. Lead your company with confidence through us.