Partnerships & alliances.

Bringing brands together can be extremely effective in building endorsement, credibility and in providing platforms for new stories. Our black book of contacts allows us to align clients with like-minded brands for events, limited edition products and to add value to the bottom line. We can also assist brands that want to establish their business in the GCC by combining our knowledge of distribution channels, key media and corporate relationships with in-house expertise in company structuring.

We act as a courting agency to find the right partner for our clients.

Partnerships and alliances help organisations achieve results of mutual benefit in a ruthless business environment. Particularly where competitive advantages are difficult to achieve. We help our clients form a formidable ‘team force’, reducing costs and attracting more clients, all through leveraging all their platforms.

Expanding into the GCC? We know that as our company was born and bred here, we are on the ground every day and are in sync with the nuances of the region. We chose the Gulf for the business conditions, investment opportunities and constant development. We help our clients tap into this local market, like we ourselves did.

The expression “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” rings true in the Gulf, for every business transaction here is created from trust and human relationships. We’ll help your company approach those that matter to build your business.