Influencer management.

Online and Offline, from mega to micro. We are passionate about engaging with some of today’s leading opinion leaders and people of influence from all sectors to create content that has an immediate impact and visibility, driving content to commerce, delivering tangible business results.

Influencers with followers are everywhere.

But who are the ones that deliver the desired outcomes?

We have identified the performers already, but are constantly evaluating the new ones. We work with them all on a daily basis and we know them by heart. We recognize who are the best to achieve our clients’ desired activity goals, whether they build awareness, influence consideration or drive action.

Consumer communications is our core area of expertise, but we do much, much more. After-all we are an award-winning agency that knows the Instagram influencers from the LinkedIn thought-leaders, digitally and in real-life. Whatever social media channel you’re using, we are here to guide you.